Feb. 29th, 2016

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Okay, I feel a bit of a braindump coming on, because I'm in need of a little written-word therapy.

Even though the victim isn't dead yet, let alone the corpse grown cold, I can tell my brain is already trying to work through the grief process. I was sad yesterday, angry this morning, and somehow moving towards acceptance. I am of course talking about the devastation of Sanders' loss in the South Carolina primary, and what it portends for tomorrow's Super Tuesday contests and beyond. As the punditry is gleefully tripping over itself to proclaim, it's not good.

And yes, I realize it was pretty much the foregone conclusion from the start. What were the odds, really, that Sanders could pull off such an upset given the present state of the system? The presumed inevitability of Hillary from the day after the 2012 elections, her broad and deep establishment support, DNC shenanigans, the effective months-long media blackout of his campaign. But THEN. Then he started getting some attention, and drawing huge crowds, and setting fundraising records. Then Iowa with essentially a tie, and domination in New Hampshire, and polls with narrowing gaps. For a while in there, I felt good. I felt hopeful. Nevada was something of a cloud because it should have been closer, and now the disappointing blowout in SC. Part of me says it had to be that way, sooner or later. But so much of me wished otherwise, you know?

So we'll see what happens tomorrow, and regardless I am voting for him in our primary because it might be my only chance to do so. I will cast my vote proudly, and know that I did what I could from the start. But it's bitter nonetheless, if things go as expected from here on out. I expect him to stay in the race until the math is clearly impossible, and I hope he continues fighting the good fight until then, and beyond. The fact that he's a fighter and an idealist is exactly what I've always respected about him, after all, so anything less would be out of character. I hope he still manages to have some effect on the outcome of the race, and on the course the Democratic party tacks going forward. I hope the disappointment his supporters feel--many of them young, and interested in politics for the first time--doesn't make them jaded and angry, and tuned-out just as the powers-that-be prefer them. And I hope that even if this wasn't the year for revolution after all, that its time is yet not far off. Because we still sorely need it.

So now, to my shame, I am thinking about November and the prospect of voting for Hillary. I don't want to. I really don't want to. Democrat or not, she is just about everything I despise in a politician. I won't go into that here. But I know it will be a struggle to cast my vote for her, even if she is the lesser of two evils--exactly the choice I DIDN'T want to have to make this time around.

And maybe it's the grief talking, but there's some small voice in my head that says to vote for the GOP nominee instead. After all, what the US needs more than anything is an intervention, and that means it has to hit rock-bottom first, right? It has to acknowledge that it has a problem. And what better way than to put Drumpf or Cruz or Rubio in the White House? Hell, give the GOP the whole works, Congress too. Let them do everything they've promised to do in the past few years. Admittedly, we may not collectively survive the experience. But if that doesn't make it clear that they're wrong about damn near everything, what will?

In short, if in failing to nominate Bernie we've failed to steer the car away from the cliff, why not just mash the accelerator and get it over with?

I think I need some chocolate.
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