Apr. 13th, 2016


Apr. 13th, 2016 04:15 pm
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Yeah, I really suck at LJ lately, sorry. But hey, have some photos from the last few weeks as a sort of recap of all the stuff I haven't been posting about. Lots of photos here, and maybe a couple snakes. :)

We went to an open-mic night at Hallie's music school. Turned out she was the only instrumentalist at the thing--everyone else was there to sing, either to piano accompaniment or backing tracks. I'd say she was probably the youngest person performing, too. And she just got up and played all by herself, in front of probably 30 people, no problems at all. She amazes me sometimes.

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Apr. 13th, 2016 04:25 pm
kv0925: (Gromit Reading)
Huh. Just got an e-mail from LEGO that dropped my jaw a bit. A few weeks back I visited Wal-Mart to check for clearance LEGO sets, and found a couple at prices I couldn't resist. One of them, the box was pretty beat up and looked like it had been resealed, but for the price I couldn't resist--it was normally a $50 set and I got it for under $10. But when I recently went to build it, I discovered that an entire bag of parts was missing. I figured oh well, at least I didn't pay much for the set, right? But I also figured what the hell, let me e-mail LEGO and see how much it would be to replace that bag, maybe it would still be a decent deal for the set. I said in my e-mail that it was a clearance set and appeared to have been opened, because I wanted to be clear that I didn't think the missing bag was LEGO's fault, and I asked for the replacement cost of that bag since otherwise you have to order individual pieces on their website, which is tedious and probably overpriced. But the e-mail I just got? They're just shipping me a replacement bag, no questions asked. That's my first time getting in touch with LEGO for anything like that--that's because of something else amazing, their quality control--but wow, not what I expected! Just wanted to give them a thumbs-up. :)

Now, time to go home!

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