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Toad the Wet Sprocket! Not everyone's cup of tea, I suppose, but I'm definitely a fan. I discovered them when their Coil album came out in the late 90s--I loved that record, so I went back to their earlier stuff and loved that too. And then they basically broke up, which made me sad. But then they got back together and put out a (fantastic) new album a couple years ago, and I was thrilled to see them on the roster for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival this year. Hermione likes them too and was interested in coming, but the timing was bad so I ended up going alone. Just as well, I doubt she'd have wanted to stay for 2 sets like I did. Great shows!

A few more pics:

I thought their stage presence was a little.. I dunno, unfriendly. Glen was great as the frontman and had some witty banter between songs, but there was very little interaction between the band, either during or in between songs. The music sounded great, but everyone just kinda stood their own ground and did their own thing. I guess that's just how it is after 30 years!

Backing up: It was a gorgeous day, so before I headed to EPCOT I went to the Hollywood Studios to ride a few things and enjoy the weather.

Disney is basically turning much of HS into a Star Wars park, and along those lines there's a new exhibit of models and (mostly replica) props, like Han Solo's blaster here.

Halt, Rebel scum!

Great Movie Ride.

And after the shows, I snapped a few shots around the world at EPCOT.

It was a nice day. Thanks for looking!

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