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Nov. 2nd, 2016 08:03 am
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Thank goodness this election is less than a week away so we can get it overwith, for better or worse, and get on with our lives. I feel pretty confident Trump is going to lose, which is a relief at this point, even though I'm not exactly chuffed about a Hillary Clinton presidency. But then again, I dunno. This is Florida, which may well be a big deciding factor, and it's hard to say. Over the weekend we passed by a Republican field office that had a bunch of people outside waving Trump signs. Then yesterday was my biweekly drive over to St. Petersburg, and I saw a LOT of Trump. Many bumper stickers ("I'm a 'Deplorable' and I'm voting for TRUMP!"), big signs along the road, even a couple billboards along I-4, one of which I wish I could find a photo of. It had Clinton on one side, Trump on the other, with little bullet points under each, and one of the points under Trump was "Unite us" (while HRC, of course, was "Divide us"). I don't think either of them have much hope of uniting us, frankly.

Then last night my Mom called because we hadn't chatted for a while, and during that conversation she told me she'd early voted for Trump. My jaw just about dropped. I knew my sister was a big Trumpalo, and my maternal grandmother, and the rest of that side of the family, and maybe Mom's husband--but my Mom is reasonably intelligent, and I respect her, and I really thought she'd not go to the dark side. "I think he could do some good," she said. It is to laugh. It really bums me out. Let's just get this thing behind us, and get on to the part where we look back on the Obama administration with wistful nostalgia.

We'll be in a cabin near the mountains of northern Georgia for election day. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but at least there shouldn't be riots there. :) The wife and I both early-voted by mail, so that's handled. We'll just watch and see, I guess.

Besides the pall of the election hanging over us, and other assorted things getting me down, life continues. The job is still here, and I still--STILL, when they said by the end of August--haven't gotten the memo about my new role and boss. Other info has been trickling out in the meantime. It's time to enroll for our 2017 medical and other benefits, and of course that got more expensive with less coverage, which stinks. But hey, the vision coverage dropped by 50 cents per paycheck, so I got that going for me, which is nice. They pretty suddenly banned all logos from our old company name from the building, so I had to box up and take home all the various cups and mugs and whatnot I've picked up over the years. The building itself looks like a bit of a DMZ since they pulled down all the signage, leaving ugly holes and old coats of paint showing, and all the room signs are hand-written temporary paper signs, which looks just fantastic. Usually this time of year, we get a giftcard for the grocery store as a thank you and a help with Thanksgiving, but of course that sort of thing is unheard of under the new regime. As are our annual Family Fun Nights at Universal, I'm sure. Haven't heard a thing about the usual Christmas party either, not that I ever go to those. And yesterday I heard that our annual raises, which normally take effect with the first paycheck of the new year, won't happen until March or April. wtf? My old boss has said all along that he expects our annual bonus to still be in place for this year, but at this rate I have my doubts about that, or at least expect it to be a lot less than usual (which will definitely displease me, since it's been a reliable chunk of income each year). The one bright spot is that our annual paid time off isn't changing--I'm a couple years away from getting my 5th week of vacation each year, and I'd heard the new company maxed out at 4, so I was a little concerned. But the 5th week will remain, which is good, and they're also adding the ability to carry over some vacation time to the next year, which might be a nice option to have. They don't pay out unused vacation time, though, so for me there's no real incentive to do that. Oh, and they're cracking down on employee bandwidth usage, video streaming in particular. Hmf. I'm sticking it out for now, but we'll have to see how many more tiny cuts the new company inflicts before I decide the bleeding is too much.

Anyway, rambling and sort of a downer. Sorry. On a brighter note, I did watch The Nice Guys the other day, pretty good flick. :) That's all I got.
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