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(And also a test of crossposting from DW!)

-I've been in a real photographic slump for a while. I stopped advertising so my side-business really fell off, apart from my few annual repeat clients and friends. And I stopped traveling for business, which was a big source of photographic adventure. And our family trips have been a little fewer and farther between as well. I still take the camera when we go to interesting places, but I don't shoot as much as I used to, and (probably as a result) I'm not as happy with the shots I produce, which probably reinforces the whole downward spiral, because why bother if I suck? But I feel like that might be coming to an end. I've felt a little more excited about getting back into shooting more, and I even have a couple of paid shoots coming up (which I hope won't suck, but even out of practice I tend to do okay with those). With my current employment coming to an end, I'm hoping these sessions will boost that spark and inspire me to put some effort into the business again. Not that I expect to go full-time with it or anything--I'd never make enough to support us and pay for health insurance and all that. But as a side-gig and a source of extra money, it was always nice to have.

-I even bought a new lens! Well, really it was a deal I couldn't resist, a Yongnuo 35mm f/2 prime lens for like $65. It ships directly from China, so I haven't actually gotten it yet. But it seems to compare pretty favorably to the Canon 35mm f/2 it clones, at a fifth of the price, so.. why not? I was hoping to get it before the shoot I'm doing Saturday, but it'll probably still be on a boat somewhere. Whenever it finally arrives, I'll have to play with it and do a review post. Maybe I can fire Shutterbuggery back up as inspiration.

-Speaking of the employment situation, no real change there. The wife and I talked about the Tampa thing some more, but she wouldn't budge. And that's okay, I know she's thinking of the kids, who aren't all that social, so she doesn't want to remove them from the friends they've spent so long making. Besides, the severance deal I should get here is pretty sweet, and doesn't even preclude me from being re-hired if something else opens up here (or they realize what a mistake it was to let me go). So I may as well take the money and run, but not run far. :) I've been looking around and seeing a few positions that might be good fits for me--the question will be whether they pay as well, and aren't crap jobs. I actually applied for a management job out at Disney yesterday. I don't have high hopes for it--my skillset overlaps the requirements of the position quite a bit, but it isn't quite the same, and I know Disney management most often comes from within--but who knows, maybe it's an esoteric gig that they won't get many applicants for. I'm hoping to at least score an interview. The commute would be a lot longer than I'd like, but if the pay and benefits are good, might be worth it.

I'm sure I can come up with more, but let me stop here and post more later. I need to boost the post count anyway, after seeing my LJ-iversary stats!

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