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So suddenly I find myself with a job interview on Friday morning. Yes, less than 2 days from now. Um, yikes?

It's all been quite sudden, see. Monday morning a colleague of mine mentioned rather off-handedly that the former position of a recently-promoted colleague had been posted as an open job on our jobs website. And for some reason that intrigued me. The position is manager of our Social Media team, a small group who look for customers talking about us on the Internet via Twitter and Facebook and blogs and such, and reach out to them to provide feedback (or support, if what they're posting is a complaint). It's been a small but fast-growing part of our customer care organization, and it gets lots of visibility because of its novelty and potential impact. It was basically being run by two guys, the one who was just promoted and a supervisor who's been out on medical leave for months (and apparently isn't expected to return). The open position is essentially to replace both of those guys. It would report to both the recently-promoted guy and another director, and I've worked fairly closely with both of them for much of my time with the company. So almost as a lark, I dropped by the director's office to ask about it, and she was pleasantly surprised that I was interested. Enough so that she apparently immediately told the other guy, because I saw him in the hall a little later and he too seemed interested in my interest. :) So not to get too far ahead of myself, but I almost feel like the job is mine for the taking if I decide to take it--assuming I don't botch the interview too badly, of course, but I'm comfortable with these folks so I don't see that as much of a possibility.

And that means it's pros-and-cons time! Potential positives about the move:
-It's a very interesting area of the business to me, and presents quite a bit of potential for visibility and maybe growth.
-The team is apparently quite established and professional, so they aren't problem children who need a lot of attention.
-The people I'd report to are good, and the director I'd be working for I know well--she looks out for her people, which is cool.
-Possible (small) raise in pay, but possibly not--see cons list.
-Good way to expand my knowledge and skill set for other jobs, not that I expect to leave the company anytime soon.

Potential drawbacks:
-As with any change in position, there are lots of unknowns, but none that scare me too badly since I know the people I'd be working for.
-Right now I just have one direct report underneath me, and he's a good guy who I don't have to worry about much. With the new gig I'd have 6 people, and while I can safely assume they're all good employees, it's still 6 vs. 1 and I don't much like playing boss.
-In my current role there's a good amount of travel, both within the state and to our out-of-state locations, which I kinda like. I doubt I'd have much of that in the new gig, aside from trips to Tampa to visit the one team member who works over there. Not too big a deal, I guess.
-While I rather dislike the degree of feedback and interaction I get with my current boss (read: not much), in the new job I'd be working quite closely with not just one but two bosses, so there's potential for micromanagement, which I don't like either. And there is something to be said for having one's boss located in a different ZIP code.
-The position is posted at one pay grade lower than where I am now--I wouldn't take the job if it's LESS money than what I make right now, but I don't think that would happen and I could even get a small bump in pay (and/or they could bump the job up to my current grade level if they really wanted me). What does concern me is that if I were to go down a grade, my future bonuses and raises might be a little less.

So that's kinda where my mind is right now. I guess I'll just go into the interview as strong as I can, lay out my concerns about the pay grade situation, and see if I get an offer. If not (or if the offer is no good) then I just stay where I am. And it's not that I'm unhappy where I am--it's a good job and it's going well enough. I just felt like this was a good opportunity to look into, so I'm gonna. :)


May. 17th, 2013 09:02 am
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You know, this is worth a post here because it's something I hadn't really articulated before, at least not recently.

My friend and fellow Central Floridian [livejournal.com profile] ianthes posed a good question, actually two of them (and feel free to answer one or both yourself, here or there!): "If your life were perfect and your dreams came true, what would your life and work be like in 10-15 years?" Or; "What are the values or virtues that are most important to you? What kind of person would you love to be?"

I answered the first one, like so:

10-15 years from now.. I suppose if life were perfect, I'd prefer to be at least as financially comfortable as I am now (which is to say, sufficiently but not extravagantly comfortable) but without the need for a soul-sucking corporate job. I'd prefer to be earning my living in a creative fashion, either through writing or music or photography or some combination of those things. The goal would be present and future stability with more purpose and satisfaction, and more time for travel, because when the girls are older I really want to show them more of the world (and explore more of it myself as well).

And while that's a goal I suppose I've carried around inside for the past few decades, it's something I've not spent a lot of time thinking about, and certainly haven't set benchmarks and goals around. Just lately I've been feeling a bit of spiritual malaise creeping in again, so this is all timely. I'm not as disgruntled with my job as I was a few years ago (most of which was down to my overbearing and difficult boss at the time), but there is a definite sense that I am wasting away and getting older while accomplishing nothing of note, nothing but paying the bills. I'm not saying I want to quit or anything, but I think a bit of repurposing is in order, as is some effort to spend more time working towards that ultimate goal. No idea where to start, really. But focusing more on creativity seems like a likely first step. :)
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I had a flash (ha! flash!) of inspiration to start my first community here on LJ, with a photography theme. Mainly because I don't like the big photo communities--they're mostly mediocre snapshots, and mainly populated with Russian users, and basically just photo dumps without much insight or interaction. I would like a community more dedicated to technique, tips, and challenges. [livejournal.com profile] photo_palette is/was a nice step in that direction, but it seems pretty dead and I'm not even sure if it's being maintained anymore--I submitted a post yesterday or the day before and it hasn't made it out of the moderation queue yet. I took a quick look at the list of communities with photography as an interest, and didn't see any (with recent updates, anyway) along the lines of what I have in mind.

I'm just envisioning a community for all levels of photographer (but definitely people with a keen interest in the art and in improving their skills) where people can post photos they're proud of, but with the expectation that they'll also share a bit about what they did to get that particular image--their thoughts when composing the image, any tips or tricks they used or learned, the gear and settings they chose, the post-processing they did, all of it. And even some non-photo posts just to discuss techniques and gear. And regular challenges or themes, photo association games, that sort of thing.

Creating the community is the easy part, I imagine--getting an active membership and keeping it fun and engaged would be something else. What say you, flist, any of you photographers game to join a community like that and pimp it out too? :) Maybe LJ isn't the place for it, I dunno--obviously there are Flickr Groups and a million other websites and forums dedicated to photography. But I still like LJ, darnit!

Anyway, just a thought.
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Remember the girl from my past who I posted about here? Well. Her grandmother recently passed away and the event apparently tripped some switch where she's now seeking atonement and reconciliation with people. Like my friend, who she essentially used for quite some time and then tossed aside and slandered. And me, because I was around at the time as well, I guess. So it's got me thinking about anger and forgiveness, and what those things mean to me.

I'm not really an angry person by nature. I try not to dwell on negativity in general, and I try to just let things go. And really, I'm not even mad at HER for anything, at least on my own behalf. The main thing I remain mad about is that she was able to play me for information--and for that I'm more mad at myself than at her. I should have ignored her IM (as I'm doing right now, as a matter of fact!) and given her nothing. I don't think I even gave her anything vital, or anything she didn't already know (or strongly suspect). But I played her game, and I played into her hands in some small way, and I still fault myself for that.

Another.. well, I guess you could call it a philosophy of mine is that I generally expect very little from others. I think it was either Socrates or Confucius who said, "He who expects much from himself and little from others will be secure from much ill will." I live by those words, and would add 'disappointment' as well. So when someone does let me down or misuse me, I tend to write them off and forget them, insofar as possible. Not really forget, of course, because there are always lessons to be learned for the future. But in general, a person who majorly disappoints me or disrespects me is just no longer a part of my life, and doesn't much cross my mind anymore.

So here's this girl today, asking for forgiveness. And I'm at a little bit of a loss. Because while forgiveness is generally my natural impulse, it doesn't really mean much where she is concerned. Like I said, I'm not really mad at her for anything on my own behalf because I expected no better from her--I expected better of myself, though. I remain peeved at her for the torment she put our mutual friend through--though that friend now (rather stupidly, in my opinion) seems perfectly willing to accept her apology and act like everything is hunky-dory between them again. She hasn't been a part of my life in any major way since the Way Back When. So sure, I can and do forgive her, but what does that really mean here? Does it mean I want her back in my life somehow? Not at all. Does it mean I want her to feel absolved of whatever sins against me she feels she's committed? Doesn't much matter to me either way.

She finally gave up trying to IM. I suppose I appreciate the effort. Always nice to be thought of, isn't it? Maybe she'll see this and it can serve as my response. Good enough?

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