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So Thanksgiving is behind us. Already! This year, for all its nonsense and loss and horror, has at least flown by for me. Seems like we were just celebrating the New Year and looking ahead to an interesting election year. Who knew then that 'interesting' would so quickly and drastically take on the Chinese-curse parameters?

Anyway, the long weekend was good. The quick rundown:
-Thanksgiving Day: We started out with a quick trip to a park for some play and a short walk, but otherwise I stayed home with the family, since the wife had already bought a turkey to cook and Hermione was still getting over the cold she had (and which unfortunately put a bit of a damper on her birthday last Tuesday, poor kid). So it was a nice, quiet day, really.
-Black Friday: We tend not to plan on much BF shopping, but I did run out on a little adventure to procure a new (artificial) Christmas tree. Our old one was handed down to us by my Dad at least 8 years ago, and for the past few years we've wanted to retire it and get a new one since it was starting to disintegrate. The room our tree goes in has vaulted ceilings, so I wanted a taller tree, and I also wanted to go with a pre-lit (LED) tree. So I found a nice nine footer on sale at Home Depot. I went first to our closest location, only to find that the inventory of 1 indicated on the HD website was the display model, which was already spoken for. Our next-closest HD also showed 1 in stock, so I presumed that might be the same situation, and instead headed to the east Orlando store which showed 4 in stock. Sure enough, there it was, so I grabbed that and also a new pair of lighted deer for the front of the house, since our old ones were on their last legs too.

We'd also seen that our favorite big comics/collectibles shop was having a storewide Black Friday sale, so we headed out for lunch and to stop by there. We found some good stuff there for Xmas, so that was nice. On the way home we stopped at the exotic pet store to buy a pinkie mouse. Did I mention Hermione got a pet snake for her birthday? She'd wanted one for a while, so we went ahead and got that when we got back from our trip. Anyway, it wasn't taking the frozen pinkies we'd tried feeding it, so we picked up a live one to try on our way home, and that did the trick. Though Hallie had already named it and everything by the time we got home. She didn't take it too hard, though. :) Then we put up the new Xmas tree and decorated it.

Saturday: I had a photoshoot scheduled in the afternoon, so we stayed close to home. I spent the morning putting up the outside Christmas lights, which went fairly well and looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. We might go a little further and do our driveway/island too, we'll see how ambitions I feel about that!

The photoshoot was at Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney). The client was looking for Christmas decor, and could only do it Saturday, so I suggested Disney since I knew their decor would be up and lit. But of course it's a madhouse at WDW this time of year, and she wanted afternoon, so the place was packed and that made it tough to work. It was the lady, her husband, and their 18-month-old son, and they were all nice enough, but the kid (while cute and generally well-behaved) was very easily distracted and tough to get to look at the camera. So I haven't even looked at the photos yet, but I'm a little worried I might not have gotten a great set. Ah well, it is what it is. I'm sure there are some decent shots in there, at least.

Sunday: We headed over to the coast to visit my Mom, and also meet up with some friends at a park. That was a pretty good time, really. The lowlight was when we stopped by mi sister's house. Ugh. She's so totally different than me. They had a Trump sign (still) in the yard, a Trump sign (still) in their front window, and a big yellow sign saying "Trespassers Will Be Shot On Sight" and something about the 2nd Amendment. Just.. ugh. They just got the house a few months ago (a HUD home, because they both live on Social Security Disability, so their agitation for the candidate and party who loathe government handouts is supremely ironic), and it already reeks of cigarette smoke, so badly that Hermione could only stand to be inside for a couple minutes. Just ugh. I hate to say it, and I don't really want to tell Mom this, but if we can just pretend she doesn't exist next time I come for a visit, that would be swell.

Anyway. While we were there we stopped at a thrift store we like to go to when we're in the area, and found they were having a weekend-long BF sale, 50% off of everything. So we found a few things, including a jigsaw puzzle of the little town in Georgia we just visited! But the real gem was a little cd/dvd box set of the band Tool's 2000 album, Salival. It was 50 cents after the sale discount, so I snagged it because I like Tool well enough, but also because it looked like it might be a collector's item. And sure enough, I looked it up when I got home and found that not only is it rare and out-of-print, the first printing was even more rare because it contained several typos in the booklet. I checked, and sure enough, this one has the typos. Looked like the misprint version sells on eBay in the $75-100 range, so I think I will resell that for a tidy profit. I love finding things like that!

Today I'm back to work, but so far it's been a pretty quiet day--I think a lot of the muckety-mucks are still on vacation. So in another consumer coup, I looked around for a compact point-and-shoot camera for Hermione (who just recently mentioned wishing she had one of her own, which was good timing because we were a little stumped on Xmas presents for her this year) and found a steal--a refurbished ELPH camera direct from Canon (which means the full 1-year warranty) with a free memory card, $60 and free shipping. Not bad at all! It's last year's model so it doesn't have WiFi, but that's not a dealbreaker by any means. 12x optical zoom with IS, so that should be pretty versatile.

Okay, enough of this nonsense, time to get a little work done. I hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

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