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It's true! Probably.

Last week was my biannual trip to the left coast, which (apart from the getting-there part) I always enjoy. And I always make sure to give myself some good sightseeing time. I mean, if I'm going all the way across the damn continent, I'm gonna SEE some stuff, dammit.

The trip got off to an iffy start, though. The first flight boarded a few minutes late, it finally pushed back.. and then I heard the engines wind down and we were tugged right back to the gate. Uh-oh. Turned out that the ground crew had spotted something and wanted to check it out, but I got the impression from the pilot's announcements that he thought it was something silly and a complete waste of time. Still, better safe than sorry, right? So anyway, we arrived in Las Vegas with 18 minutes until my connecting flight was supposed to depart. It took forever to get off the plane, and then I hauled ass to get to the next gate, which was way on the other side. The plane was still there, but the gate was closed and the people at the counter were like, "Oh yeah, you all got rebooked, did they not tell you that on the plane?" Uh, no, no they didn't. They'd apparently reassigned a plane to get us delayed folks to LA, so it ended up being a relatively empty flight, which was nice. It also left me with about an hour to kill before departure, so lunch fit in there nicely too. When I got to LA, I headed straight for the car rental place, where I'd been assigned a sweet Ford Mustang. I debated that for a moment, because it would mean I couldn't drive anyone around but myself and my employee. But I hadn't driven a 'Stang since 2006, so why not? And what better to tool around LA in, right?

From the airport I headed for Malibu and the Getty Villa. Wanna see?

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And that was that. Next trip is Detroit in a couple weeks, for which I have something pretty cool planned. Can't spill the beans yet, though. Stay tuned!
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The nice thing about racing the sun westward to California on a big ol' jet airliner is that I can leave here at 7am, spend 6 hours on a plane, and still have it be 10am when I get there. Even so, I was at a bit of a loss for what to do with my time, since my initial driving-tour idea turned out to be untenable. But since I was flying into Los Angeles, I figured what the heck, why not check out Hollywood? So for a first stop, I headed down to Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave, where there was a museum that sounded reasonably interesting. But when I got there, I didn't much like it, nor did I like the look of the museum, so I just walked around the area for a few minutes and decided that was enough. There are probably parts of Hollywood I would enjoy, but that was not one of them.

So instead, I headed for Griffith Park, since the observatory there seemed like a nice landmark in itself, and a great place to get a look at the Hollywood sign as well.


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Thanks for looking, again!
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I'm just gonna say it: Despite what you see above, Bakersfield, California is not, generally speaking, a pretty place. It's bleak and run-down and industrial and largely colorless and just generally not a nice place. So I almost look at it as a challenge to find and record bits of beauty there. And even though you really have to look for it, I think there's some beauty to be found. What do you think?

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I'm happy to report that last week's California travels went very well. The short version: The outbound flights were fine, only a slight delay getting into the Orange County airport. Grabbed a quick lunch at the airport, then got my rental car and headed straight to Disneyland, which was awesome. Cursed LA-area traffic on the way to pick up my employee at the Burbank airport for the drive up to Bakersfield. Woke early (as I expected I would) on Friday morning, so I went out for a little exploring before heading back to the hotel to get my employee and our colleague for breakfast and then to the office. After leaving work Friday afternoon we still had some time before we needed to get to the airport, so we drove around Bakersfield and found a neat park to kill some time. Aside from a slight delay before boarding in Phoenix, the flights home were fine as well (though very little sleep was to be had). All in all, a very enjoyable trip!

So first up: my first time visiting Disneyland!
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As promised, pics and thoughts from my time in California last week!

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And that was my time way out West. Thanks for looking! :)
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It's about time I tossed together a photo post of my time at Malibu last week!

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