Feb. 10th, 2016

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Been scarce around here lately, sorry. Mostly because I've been sickly, and it's a rough one. Not sure if it's a particularly nasty cold or some strain of flu, but it lingers and keeps morphing symptoms. At first it was general blah with a touch of fever, then the fever spiked up and I felt terrible and feverish and nauseous for a day, and since then it's been various shades of stuffy/runny nose, gooked-up throat and dry/wet cough, some GI distress, you name it. Amy had it first and she STILL has a bit of a runny nose after 15 days now. This is day 8 for me, and Hermione's been stuffy and coughing for about the same. Heather seems to have avoided it except for a day of sore throat, and we hoped Hallie might escape too--until she crashed hard yesterday, fever, vomiting, couldn't even keep water or medicine down. Today she's much improved in that respect, but still taking it easy, so I'm working from home this afternoon while Heather took Hermione to band. Hopefully we're all on the downhill side of it, whatever it is.

I was at work this morning and started moving offices. Someone was let go recently, and with my position change last year, that office makes more sense for me than where I've been sitting. So I got the key and cleaned up all the stuff the former tenant left behind, and got my computer set up for a start. Tomorrow I'll make trips to haul the rest of my stuff over and find homes for everything. It's not quite as large as my old office, and there's not as much room for stuff, but both of those are actually good things--I tend to accumulate stuff as space permits, so perhaps a smaller space means I'll control that better. We'll see.

While I'm talking work, my boss let me know yesterday what my upcoming bonus for last year is going to be, and it's going to be pretty darn good. I turned off my federal tax withholding in preparation, because it always takes such a huge chunk out of bonuses. I think a lot of it is spoken for to catch up on bills, and to pay for our recent roof work, but there should be some left over for fun. We'll have to see!

They came to replace our skylights on Friday, and that went well enough. They look good, and so far they do seem to be an improvement for noise when it rains too. And the leak seems gone so far, which was the main idea. Now we're considering replacing some windows, which are old and not at all energy-efficient. Again, we'll see what's left of the bonus, I guess.

I guess that's about it for now. I'll be back around more once I stop having to blow my nose every few minutes, I promise. :)

Oh, and how about that Bernie Sanders, eh?

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